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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm back, and I've brought pictures!

To repeat myself: I'm back!

It's been a long break, but I'm happy to let you know that it was not for nothing not only did I break the 70,000 word mark after buckling down and rubbing the letters off my keyboard* thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo, but I also had a fantastic GISHWHES hunt.

Oh my. What is GISHWHES? You haven't heard of GISHWHES?

GISHWHES is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. Created by Misha Collins, actor/philanthropist/extremely absurd human being, the short version of it is I just spent a week doing some good deeds and making a fool of myself.

So it goes without saying that I did not come back from my hiatus. Your prize, for bearing with me, is insider access to some photo moments from the Hunt. Enjoy!

#92 - Forgive someone with whom you have been holding a grudge against.**
The infamous Batman onsie, aka Batderp.We found this beauty at a consignment store around Halloween. It is Batman footie pajamas, complete with cowl and cape, made to fit a full-grown man. This was a gift to a friend, who generously allowed me to borrow it so that Riddler and Batman could shake hands and move on.

#90 - Gingerbread Villages are always so cute and quaint. Make a gingerbread village that shows urban blight: needle exchanges, prostitution, heavy police presence, etc.
The best the can be said of my art skills is that I'm crafty. I am definitely not an artist, as is evident in this scene of urban blight, as portrayed by cookie and buttercream. In all fairness to myself, this was created in 20 minutes after midnight, following a day of running all around Chi-town and the burbs trying to get a quill 3D printed, rent a velvet rope, get a food truck to sell Hot Pocket some cat food (see below), and heckle a movie theater employee into arm wrestling me for tickets.

#116 -  Food trucks are all the rage, but I think they tend to be a bit speciesist. Get a food truck to sell cat food. It must be on the menu and we must see a cat placing the order.
My cat being to much of a dainty little lady to journey outside for this item, I enlisted our stuffed calico, Hot Pocket, to complete the task. I got a delicious Keywester cupcake from Chicago Cupcake's food truck, Big Red, and Hot Pocket got some gourmet cat food. They were good sports about the whole thing.

#121 - Challenge a movie theater employee: If you beat them in an arm-wrestling competition, they have to give you a free ticket. If they beat you, you’ll buy one. Either way, you get to see a movie. The images should be of you arm-wrestling across the counter and then you enjoying your movie.
This kid seemed downright eager to arm wrestle. To bad he couldn't smell what the Rock*** was cooking.

#100 - Provide visual evidence that unicorns really do fart rainbows. No photoshopping!
I always swore to myself I would never buy one of those creepy horse head masks, and yet ... here we are. I've also discovered that my head is WAY too big for them, I thought I was going to suffocate in that thing. But the good news is that my Rainbow Dash cosplay skirt did double duty as my rainbow flatulence.

#29 -  If you’re like me, you’re sick of the go-to barista foam-art. If I have to sip at another latte adorned with a fern or clover shape, I’m going to cry. Let's see the Elopus professionally recreated in the foam of a cafĂ©’s hot drink.
A BIG thank you and round of applause to Wormhole cafe for this one. They were not the first cafe I came to with this request, but they were the ones who made it happen! This hot cocoa was not only delicious, but it comes pretty darned close to resembling the elephant/octopus hybrid.

#41 - Go through a TSA (or your country’s equivalent) checkpoint dressed for snorkeling. Explain to the TSA what you're doing, prior to doing it. If they don't allow it, don't do it.
Here's one I'm particularly proud of, because I'm not certain many people managed this one. I just so happened to have some business travel arranged in the middle of GISHWHES week, so I drew the short straw on attempting this item. As you know, you don't mess around with TSA. Nonetheless, I screwed up my courage and asked them to play along. This was easier once I got one of them one-on-one after stupidly (and luckily, perhaps) forgetting I had a water bottle in my purse. Again, my oversized head caused some problems as I attempted to fit a child's snorkel onto my monstrously proportioned German skull. Ouch.

#33 - Batman or another superhero playing bingo at a crowded recreation center.
Since Batderp was busy shaking hands with the Riddler for item #92, I enlisted Green Lantern for this one. You can't tell from this photo, but there were at least 100 people playing Bingo at this church, everyone of whom stopped and stared at me. This was hands down the most nerve-wracking item, since it had the biggest audience of people who just wouldn't get/care what was going on. Thanks to the kind ladies who let me share their table!

#156 -  Recreate a scene from the cinematic masterpiece “Stonehenge Apocalypse” in miniature - measured to the HO Scale, 1:87 ratio (humans should be around 2cm/20mm tall). Use whatever materials you desire but YOU MUST make everything yourself - No store-brought Stonehenge kits!
A quick reminder: I have never claimed to be artistic. But I think this does the job! I came across some modelling clay that I forgot I owned, and with the help of some sharpies, paper clips and a piece of cardboard I put this fantastic display together. Props for set up at least?

#146 - Create an image of the Elopus and Wooster in an epic battle for mascot supremacy.
I probably should have left this one to another team member, given what I've already asserted regaring my art skills. But GISHWHES is a LONG list, so I did my part. The contrast on this sucks, but I'm not half-disappointed in how it turned out. Full disclosure, after listening to a podcast wherein a famous comic book artist asserted that even Norman Rockwell traced, I felt it was well within my right to do so. Recognize the background? It's a stage from Street Fighter.

#62 -  Office art. The boss is away. Take this treasured time to create a beautiful, museum-worthy sculpture in your cubical comprised entirely of company office supplies. If the artist in you feels it is imperative to use a coworker as a base or as an integral part of the piece of work, go ahead and indulge. The world deserves it.
Still not an artist. I started with what I'm good at: origami. But after it became clear that it would take me days to create a structure big enough to be impressive via that technique, I turned my creation into a Chrysler Building style tower topper. Then grabbed our trust office dolphin plushy, sharked it up, and made this beautiful scene.

#3 - It's "me time." Spoil, pamper and be decadent to yourself like you never have before. Oh, and P.S., you’re dressed as a Stormtrooper.
And finally, the obligatory Stormtrooper item. Last year I was folding laundry, but this year it was my day off with some moscato d'asti and a little bit of pampering from the ladies of Vavoom Pinups. 

Is that it? Well, no, it's not. Altogether, my team turned out some pretty fantastic items including a lot more awesome pictures and some downright amazing videos. Thanks to Team 20000LeagueElepusLoveHolyHellHounds for an awesome week of gishing!

And now, back to writing!

* This might be hyperbole.
** I did not write these, so I should not be held accountable for the grammar.
** That's me. I'm the Rock in this instance.

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