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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mini-Milestone Day!

Hello readers!

I am writing for two reason:

1. To let you know that I haven't forgotten about your lovely faces during this brief hiatus. You're in my thoughts!
2. To celebrate a miniature milestone! Today I officially surpassed the 70,000 word count.

Let's talk about word counts and milestones for a minute.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I wasn't calling you a racist

We interrupt this temporary hiatus to bring you a very special message:

I wasn't calling you a racist.

No, not YOU-you, dear readers. Well, I mean, I wasn't calling you a racist either.

During a critique I was giving to a fellow writer, I may have offended. I'm not going to give any specifics around who (perhaps*) thinks I called them a racist, because I don't want to violate the trust of a critiquing relationship. However, I will share with you my offending words. And the set up: the author had used the term "Asian" or "Asian features" to describe several characters, who then received no further physical description. Meanwhile, other characters were getting entire paragraphs devoted to the shade of their hair and shape of their bodies.

MY CRITIQUE (an excerpt)