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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Share Your Work: Inspiration, Dedication and In Memoriam

Blog Lady Note: 
I've just noticed that the post that was supposed to go up on 5/23 never made it. Most likely due to some technological issue (definitely not user error) it did not publish as scheduled. I apologize for the oversight, and will be running it tomorrow. However, in the meantime I've decided to make it up to you with a bonus Thursday update!

This post isn't about writing -- that is to say, it is not instructional about writing. It is, perhaps, more about writing than any of my other posts.

As some of my readers my know, I was a poet before I turned my attention to fiction. I got my BA in English with a focus on poetry, took as many creative writing poetry courses as I could (even auditing some), I have journals dating back to middle school filled with some of the worst poems you could imagine, I wrote a play in verse as my senior comps project ... you get the gist. I love poetry, and have been touched by the work of many fantastic poets, including Dr. Maya Angelou. When I write poetry, it is often because I have been inspired by a poet, or a person, or a loss. For Dr. Angelou, it is all three.

With that in mind, I would like to deviate a little from the purpose of this blog and invite you to share something that you have written that was inspired by, dedicated to, or in memoriam of a person. It can be poetry, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, sci-fi ... anything.

In the comments, share your work in its entirety or share a link. Tell us the story behind your piece, if you want. If enough people share and are interested, I will do a round-up of the shares for a later blog post. It may even be a recurring segment (I would very much like for it to be).

To kick us off, here is my share.


I look for the
of the words
the spines
dark, fraying
bearing glossy gold

inky letters twist into
kinky knots
people born
from the shining black
of an s
or the arch of
an n, an eyebrow

on a face
not born, no
but made
by letters
         (the mouth is H-O-P-E
         spelled with lips;
         the eyes are us)
and struggle
and warmth

words hold warmth
that thought forgets

i forget my i

i relearn the words of

i face myself
a stranger

and ask

what will become of you?

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