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Friday, February 21, 2014

Power of the Pen Challenge!

So last post I talked a bit about the Power of the Pen writing team I was on in middle school. I was all prepared to write another instructive* post on par with "Plan More!", "Practice More!" and "Try Harder!" when I realized that I'm not up for it right now. I'll save it for another post, because today we're going to have some fun!

Inspired by the Power of the Pen, I am going to provide you with a challenge. Below are 3 different prompts (all from actual Power of the Pen contests), and you're going to tackle them Power of the Pen competition style.

The Rules:

Work on the first prompt first, the second prompt second and the third prompt third. Do not skip around, this is meant to be challenging.
The round begins when you read the prompt. Your story must relate to the prompt you are given. You will have 40 minutes to write a complete work of fiction. Pens and pencils must go down as soon as your timer sounds that time is up, even if you are mid-sentence.
Once the round is up, take a 15 minute break. Then sit back down and work on the second prompt. Follow the same rules, and repeat for the third prompt as well.
If you don't have time to do all three at once, do one a day. Do not re-read your stories until all three are completed.

This is a grid showing the scoring guidelines the PoP judges abide by.

Tips for Success:
Spend the first five minutes doing some basic planning. Write the planning down.
Do not erase -- if you want to get rid of a word/sentence/paragraph just cross it out quickly and move on. Time is valuable.
Spelling is important, but not more important than completeness.
Creativity is essential. Try to work with the prompt in an unexpected way. You need to make a powerful impact in limited words.

So, go grab a pen and paper. Set a timer. And get ready. And good luck! Your first prompt is:

Prompt 1:
There used to be three. Repeat this sentence at least twice in the telling of your story.

Prompt 2:
Win a battle with words as your weapon.

Prompt 3:
You really learned your lesson this time ... you'll never do WHAT again?

Share! Post your stories or a link to your stories in the comments.

*Read: preachy

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