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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

F**K it, I'm e-publishing.

Sometimes, the desire to throw your hands up in the air and yell "F**K IT" to the world is nearly overwhelming.

Robin, on the other hand, is merely whelmed.
I felt this way three days into my first querying process. The first querying process be laughably premature, but we'll talk about that more later. That point is that, clearly, I need to work on my stamina.

Really, I find that this desire can be rooted more in shaken confidence, or overall lack of confidence, than in actual frustration.

No one wants to represent my work? Instead of asking why, instead of going through the arduous process of peer critique and self-critique, you simply decide that you don't NEED the whole stinking industry. Haven't you heard? Paper is DEAD, people.

Look, I don't think that there's anything wrong with e-publishing -- I'm not that elitist. As much as I love cracking open a book and smelling the pages and feeling the paper and all of the romantic book stuff, I still read 98% of all books in e-format these days. Usually through an app on my phone or through my Google Chrome. I'm just not capable of being so devoted to paper that I can overlook the massive convenience of the e-book. I never knew how much time I had wasted turning paper pages.

My discomfort is well self-e-publishing. For one thing, that's way too many hyphens. For another -- well, I'll admit it, it feels like giving up. I'm sure that it's the right choice for some people. I'm not sure it's the right choice for most people who do it. It's certainly not right for people like me who are just thinking about it because they've thrown the hands in the air and are ready to give up. To be a successful self-e-publisher, you need to be a person with a whole lot of fortitude and know-how. If you're doing it because you gave up, you clearly lack one of these essential qualities. And the know-how can't be undervalued.

Is this you with your hands thrown up into the air?
Bring them back down. That query isn't going to type itself.
The truth is that there really isn't any replacement for an agent -- so you'd better be an agent if you really want to be successful. You'll need to be your own biggest advocate and a shameless, yet effective self-promoter. And if you've given up on your novel and pursued self-e-publishing as a plan B? You're probably not the best advocate for yourself.

So the point is, keep trying. Self publishing of any sort isn't for the person who's just going to throw their hands up in the air and hope that they're discovered.

As a kid, I remember rollerblading around the neighborhood singing loudly and hoping somebody would discover that I was a fantastic singer and totally going to be the next Britney Spears. (This was before the Britney implosion, okay?) You know what? I discovered that I was never going to be discovered, and that I'm a horrible singer. So don't just sit around and wait and hope. Try to improve, and make yourself "discoverable" by making throwing yourself in front of agents. You need to be visible and have a good product to be "discovered".

Don't expect an agent to be sitting around the park waiting to be impressed as you skate by whilst performing a dramatic reading of your manuscript. That's the world of fantasy.

This is schmantasy we're living in, and shit like that doesn't happen.

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