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Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Intro to the world of Schmantasy

Fantasy is a world where the fantastic is not only possible, but very real. Where creatures from our imaginations roam wild, where magic happens, and where the impossible is simply the unimagined.

Schmantasy is a world where the fantastic bubble has popped, and it turns out that things like bills, desk jobs, and rejection not only exist, but will happen every day.

Fantasy-Schmantasy is my blog, my place to keep you updated on what it's like to write a fantasy novel and to begin the long road of rejection on the way to publication. We'll talk about plot holes, unruly characters, queries: the good, the bad, and the mostly ugly, synopses, finding a literary agent, and how to write an ending to a novel that doesn't want to end.

Things will be funny, occasionally. They'll be frustrated a lot. And they'll be honest all of the time.

Get ready. Because fantasy writing isn't nearly as fantastic as you think it is.